Lay the Groundwork
for a Successful Build

An excavation company can help you prepare for your project in Southampton, NJ and Southern New Jersey

If the ground on your property isn't level or collects standing water, your new construction project in the Southampton, NJ area could become unstable. Instead of risking injury and property damage, let an experienced excavation company work on your lot. The pros at Decker Septic and Excavation will use heavy duty equipment to level your land and help you start building on a clean slate.

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You'll appreciate thethoroughness of our process

You'll appreciate the
thoroughness of our process

When you hire us for excavation services, you can rest easy knowing that we'll:

  • Inspect the construction site for even the smallest sign of imperfections.
  • Level the land to create a solid foundation for your building.
  • Find a solution to drainage problems on your property.

Find out how easy your Southampton, NJ area construction project could be after excavation services. Call 609-953-5400 now to get started.